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West 7th Street Boys Club. We live in a world where non-profit organizations have become sophisticated and complex. The West 7th Street Boys Club is a breath of fresh air. Started by a group of West 7th Street residents in 1985, the Club has no dues and no administrative charges. As a result, in a typical year, the Club raises $35,000. They donate all of this money to the needy in the community.

West 7th Street Boys Club

The Club has 200 men and women members who donate their time, money and expertise. The Club continues its simple focus of helping poor working families, military veterans, seniors and other individuals in the West 7th community. 

To learn more about the history of the West 7th Street Boy’s Club, click on About Us Tab.

The West 7th Street Boys Club started with the traditional Thanksgiving and Christmas Holiday events. The Club now provides services to the community on a year-round basis. Along with the Holiday events, the Club offers Safe Summer Nights Out events across the city of St. Paul. The Club also responds to individual requests for help. You can learn more about the West 7th Street Boys Club’s services by clicking on the Service Tab.

West 7th Street Boys Club

On our website, you can learn more about how you can volunteer or donate to the many projects offered to people in the West 7th Street community.


It is with a warm and full heart that I give thanks for your gifts to my family. My family is finally at the end of several years of chaos and uncertainty. We have found a new and stable home in the last year and have been able to continue healing and experiencing positive days because of your kindness. When we started to look for a new home, we knew that we had to stay in this loving community—you are a bright shining example of the goodness that exists in the neighborhood. Sincerely  C.L.