West 7th Street Boys Club

About Us

West 7th Street community started as an immigrant community of Italians, Bohemians, Germans, and Irish. It later evolved into a blue-collar community in St. Paul. Part of this rich community tradition was to take care of the needy within the community. The community is now more diverse with people of color and millennials. The goal continues to be one of taking care of others within the community.

A group of long-time West 7th Street friends and Monroe Alumni started the West 7th Street Boys Club in 1985.  The concept was to assist needy individuals and families with club members’ time, talent and donations. Club members, as well as local churches and social service agencies like the West 7th Street Community Center, identify recipients for services.

There is no formal membership drive and members are invited to donate what they can. Also, there are no administrative expenses and no annual dues for the West 7th Street Boys Club. The Club now has 200 men and women who participate by volunteering at events and donating money. identify recipients for services.

The West 7th Street Boys Club is a I-S-301 Nonprofit Corporation registered with the State of Minnesota.  Contact and CEO for this non-profit corporation is Otto (Snap) Leitner.