West 7th Street Boys Club

Annual Report

Dear Members,

Happy New Year to all and thanks to everyone for shopping, delivering, and your donations.  Also, thanks to those of you that found families and individuals that we could help this last Holiday Season.  After serving thirty-three thousand hamburgers and hot dogs this past summer for Tom Campion’s Safe Summer Nights Out program, we moved on to the 2019 Holiday Season.  This season’s donations to the Boys Club totaled $30,323 and expenditures totaled $26,711.  For Thanksgiving we purchased 78 gift cards and for Christmas we purchased 84 gift cards.  We also shopped and delivered groceries for 51 families.  Three Hundred Fifty new bikes were purchased by Joe Fox and his group of which 300 were given to military families and 50 bikes were given to West 7th Streeters.  All the toys that we gave out this year were donated by the Pool & Yacht Club members along with several gift cards from the P & Y members. 

Special thanks to Joe Fox “bikes”, Tom Campion “turkeys”, and Pool & Yacht Members “toys & gift cards”.  Thank you to our military contacts for the families and individuals they recommended:  Kelly Wilkenson – 133rd Airlift, Cory Boogaard -Mn. National Guard, and Kristen Nord -Ramsey County Veterans Services.

This years Bob Kohout Award winner was Gary Palumbo. I could always count on Gary and his buddy Bernie for many years to shop and deliver groceries.  If you forgot to make a donation this year, it’s never too late.  Remember, we operate all year round. 

Speaking of awards, the West 7th St Boys Club received the 2019 BEYOND THE YELLOW RIBBON SUPPORTER OF THE YEAR.  It is a military award that was given to us by the 133rd Airlift.  The award was presented to us by Governor Tim Walz.

Here is one of the many thank you cards we received.

“Thank you for the extremely generous Christmas gift and for the special things you do.  Your Boys Club has really helped us during a tough time.  If I’m able in the future, I would like to join your club and be a donor.                                
Happy New Year and God Bless all of you.”

Thank you all

Snap   651-587-5355

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