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Upcoming Holiday Activities

Dear Members,

Greetings to one and all and welcome to the 2020 Holiday Season for the Boys Club.  We will be assisting families and individuals again this year.  Our first meeting will be Tuesday, November 17, 6PM at Mancini’s.   Our Christmas celebration will be Tuesday, December 29, at 6PM,  hopefully in the gold room.   Please write these dates down as there will be no more written notifications coming.  You can make your donation at either meeting or mail it to me anytime.  However, early contributions help us with our planning for Thanksgiving and Christmas spending, number of families etc.

Once again, our mission is to assist working poor families, individuals, and seniors who are independent of any government assisted programs.  We also help military personnel from our area or those that are stationed in our area.  The club’s priority has always been to help those from the W 7th area or have a connection to the avenue.  We will help individuals and families outside the W 7th area if they meet our criteria and funds are available.  Our contacts for those we assist are first from our members, and then area schools and churches, the W 7th Community Center, some of the area businesses, and our military connections.   If you don’t know the family or individual you are recommending, and you received the names second hand, please save me the time and research them to make sure they meet our criteria. 

Just a reminder, our club put in a provision a few years back to limit our assistance to individuals and families for no more than five years, as well as some other restrictions.  Our purpose has always been to help those people who are trying to help themselves.  Our club does not create an individual’s dependency on our help nor the expectation of assistance over a long period of time.  Also, our organization does not have any “magic number” of families or individuals that we need to assist.  As always, we will try to spend our money wisely adhering to our mission.  There are a lot of good organizations that I’m sure need help in these rough times but our priority is finding area FAMILIES AND INDIVIDUALS.  We will be doing meals for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  If anyone has a family or individual, ask if they want groceries delivered or a gift card.  We will also be giving gift cards for Christmas.  Notify me as soon as possible if you have someone in need.  The last day to recommend anyone will be Friday, December 18th.

Thanks again to Joe Fox who will be providing us with fifty new bikes.  Due to the COVID, there was not any Safe Summer Nights Outs this year.  Tom Campion is hopeful we will be back at it next summer.

Thanks to all of you for making this possible.  Any questions, anytime, call me at 651-587-5355.

Snap Leitner


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