West 7th Street Boys Club

Successful Holiday Season

Dear Members,
Happy New Year to all and thanks to everyone for shopping, delivering, and your
donations. Also, thanks to those of you that found families and individuals we
could help this last holiday season. This season’s donations to the Boy’s Club by
the members totaled $30,435 and expenditures totaled $32,506. The combined
totals of items that the club gave out for Thanksgiving and Christmas, are the
following: Two hundred fourteen gift cards, one hundred and twenty- three
turkeys, six hams, six bikes, toys, clothes, and groceries. Sixty-six families received
groceries along with a turkey or ham.
Special thanks to Joe Fox and John Kelly for providing meals this last summer. The
number of people served was right around one hundred fifty. Also, Tom Campion
for another successful Safe Summer Nights Out and turkeys. Thank you, Dave
Cossetta for the sixty plus turkeys. Thank you to John and Pat Mancini for hosting
us again this year for our two meetings. Once again, thanks to the Pool and Yacht
Club members plus Maureen and her staff. This year’s toys all came from the
P&Y including some gift cards and some turkeys.
This year’s Bob Kohout Award winner are Nancy and Mal Scanlan. For several
years they both have been volunteering for just about every event we do
throughout the year. Thank you, Nancy and Mal.
If anyone forgot to make a donation this year, it’s never too late. Remember, we
operate all year round. Check out our website “West 7 th. St. Boys Club”. A lot of
great pictures there, thanks to Al Hanzal.
Thank you all.
Any questions

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